GPJ is no stranger to challenges.

During this unprecedented time of quarantine and shelter initiatives, our teams continue to lead with what we do best: thrive in complexity. GPJ remains steadfast and hopeful for a strong recovery, and we are doing our best to help.

Efforts with Universities

GPJ is partnering with several universities on a wide array of projects aimed at helping supply the medical community nationwide. We’ve teamed up with Vanderbilt Medical Center and Vanderbilt University Engineering on a project to build low-cost, easy to source ventilators. We are currently exploring a test program to produce 100 ventilators each week, constructed primarily of plywood, windshield wiper motors (provided by our client Nissan) and common medical supplies. (source)

The University of Wisconsin–Madison has designed a low-cost, easy to produce face shield dubbed the “Badger Shield”. (source) GPJ is exploring ways to scale up production of these shields, starting production on our first test batch next week. Additionally, we’ve provided 750 custom-cut plastic sheets to complete face shields being 3D printed by a team at Tennessee Tech.

Efforts at Home

We’ve donated over 100 N95 face masks, gloves, coverall suits, surgical masks and sanitizing wipes (the last two donated by client IBM) to ensure Vanderbilt Medical Center has the supplies they need to keep front line responders safe. We’ve also been developing GPJ-spun versions of tyvek coveralls, face shields and hair covers.  Our fabrication teams have also sewn and donated over 1200 fabric face masks used to cover and protect N95 masks that greatly extend their usable life, and are now 3D printing hundreds of face shields – all part of an effort to mitigate national medical supplies becoming depleted.

Efforts at Large

On a wider scale, GPJ is participating in a coalition that is lobbying federal legislators for additional economic support, Go Live Together. We’re seeking to influence subsequent stimulus packages to mitigate the deeper economic impact felt by the events industry and to help business rebound. Our industry has a direct affect on hundreds of billions of dollars in the U.S. economy, and we’re ensuring Congress and the White House have a clear understanding of that. We will provide regular updates on the progress of discussions.

Lastly, GPJ is part of a live events industry coalition called Live For Life, partnering to engineer and distribute temporary hospital rooms, patient rooms and triage tents as the demand necessitates.

Beyond the partnerships and shift of resources, we are proud to continue enabling contributions to a wide array of eligible charities, with donations continued to be matched through our Project Pledge initiative to maximize our impact.

Together, we’ve got this.