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I G N I T E @ G P J

It’s never been more exciting to be in the experiential marketing industry. Our clients expect the boldest, most innovative ideas that bring their brands to life and deliver on business objectives. What makes this possible is the culture of creativity that is built and fostered at GPJ.

The Ignite@GPJ program is a post-graduation opportunity for immersive, hands-on experiences with the possibility of conversion to full-time employment upon completion of the program. You do not need to be a current college student to apply. We welcome recent graduates, seniors with a final internship requirement and people returning to the workforce.

  • Paid 6 month program in a global, fast-paced agency
  • Credit available for post coursework internship, along with practical experience
  • Working directly with event teams, clients and vendor partners across a variety of projects

The Work

Learn by doing, observing, and formal education options:

  • Assigned to client billable activities
  • Cross-department exposure
  • Opportunity to request informational interviews
  • Event on-site opportunities

The Support

The Ignite@GPJ program is dedicated to helping you advance your career in Experience Marketing.

Mentor, Manager & Peer Support

  • Assigned a peer-to-peer buddy (less than 5 years exp. and/or a prior intern)
  • Assigned an Ignite mentor (5+ years exp.)
  • Regular 1:1 with a member of leadership / manager

Experiential Marketing Skills Building Curriculum

  • 2-Day general on-boarding program
  • Training on software systems used
  • Regular training sessions via Lunch n’ Learns

Career Development Guidance

  • Ignite milestones that emphasize learning and growth
  • Career exploration via access to GPJ’s formal mentor program materials for self-guided career exploration
  • Formal feedback solicited by a survey at the end of the program and provided during wrap-up
  • Transition meeting: End of program, support for documenting experience, accomplishments and learnings to include in resume / portfolio


Leonie Geyer

Former Strategy & Planning Intern

Boston, MA

“What’s different about the GPJ internship versus other organizations is that people trust me. I get more responsibility to learn by doing, and I am a part of the ideas as they’re being created.”

Monica Ahern

Former intern and Event Manager

San Carlos, CA

“After my graduation, I was looking for a position that would provide me with hands on experience in the event industry and GPJ delivered just that. I was given real responsibilities and client deliverables. I immediately felt like part of the team and now, five years later, I’m proud to still be a part of this stellar team. It’s a privilege to work beside some of the best in the industry and I could not imagine my career starting any other way.”

Ally Miller

Former intern and Event Logistics Manager

Auburn Hills, MI

“I started as one of five summer interns out of the GPJ Auburn Hills office and jumped right into creative sessions. When you’re looking for a marketing job straight out of school, you dream of brainstorming ideas and formulating a plan of attack on Day 1, and that’s what it’s like at GPJ. My internship experience gave me a great chance to grow, as a professional and as a person.”

Melanie Bloom

Former intern hired by GPJ

Austin, TX

“I honestly have loved being an intern at GPJ for the past year and I could not have imagined a better experience. Every day I felt like I was learning something new and getting the chance to contribute to IBM events in both a positive and impactful way. If you are interested in corporate events or marketing in general, I highly recommend this internship and company! I came in eager to learn and not only came out with a wealth of knowledge, but also a great group of friends.”




It takes many diverse skill sets to build a live experience for the world’s top brands. We want to expand your understanding and skill set with mentors who are not only experts, but also educators. Throughout the internship, your program coordinator will be there to provide guidance and support throughout your experience. You will meet together weekly to review your milestones and ensure you are getting the most out of your internship experience.

A few institutions we’re proud to partner with:

“GPJ has become the internship of choice among Cal Poly EIM event planning and management students…[it] has also been a launching pad for the careers of many of our graduates, either as professionals with GPJ or with other event planning and experiential marketing companies. GPJ is truly the model of how a university and business partnership can flourish for the company, students and an academic program.”

Bill Hendricks, Ph.D, Associate Dean
Cal Poly Experiential Industry Management Department

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