With 53 vehicle debuts and more than 735,000 visitors in 2011 alone, the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) is a true giant among auto events. So when Toyota challenged GPJ to create a captivating interactive marketing exhibit that would stand out on the NAIAS floor, the word “big” played a key role in planning. More importantly, the exhibit would need to entertain and educate visitors about Toyota’s leadership in environmental technology and the Prius family of vehicles.

The result was a monster success. With sixty square feet of touch screen space, GPJ and Toyota debuted the largest multi-touch digital installation ever seen at the NAIAS – the Toyota Multi-Touch Vision Wall. As they approached the wall, visitors encountered a Toyota Prius sitting across three strikingly different interactive environments: the Factory, the Showcase and the Street.

When visitors touched the screen, a graphic hand interface appeared, indicating options of exploration – visitors could learn about the creation of Toyota products, read product details and even hear from owners. 50 videos illustrating product features sprang from bright colored orbs when tapped.

Meanwhile, unique content interactions between screens were designed to encourage user collaboration. A visitor might toss a piece of media into the next screen to magically transform it into something surprising, swipe both hands down the screen to regenerate a new set of story options or align all three screens and watch a scene come to life in full motion.

To extend the experience into social networking and mobile worlds, the Toyota Multi-Touch Vision Wall provided links to Toyota’s Facebook fan page and QR codes that enabled users to access content on their mobile devices.

Visitors could also retrieve a list of local Toyota dealers. This list provided locations and clear contact information for all retailers within a predetermined radius of the show floor.