CES 2021 was 100% virtual, and we saw that as a great opportunity to create a memorable, interactive, and wide reaching brand experience with our long time clients Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA).

FCA partnered with GPJ and sister agency Spinifex Group to virtually demonstrate the company’s newest technologies and vehicles through highly detailed interactive product tours. Users ventured through a computer-generated, visually immersive experience with video narratives from subject matter experts, hosted by a virtual brand ambassador. Attendees could explore on their own, or have a custom journey suggested for them based on their interests.

From a mobile perspective, FCA delivered a photorealistic Augmented Reality to viewers’ phones. CES attendees accessed the AR experience via a QR code on FCA’s virtual showroom, which allowed them to interact with the 3D model of the Jeep, change its colors and inspect details of the interior. Participants could also place the customized vehicle in a physical space, like their driveway, to see how it fit their lifestyle.

The site earned a “Best of CES” distinction from Exhibitor Magazine, and remains an active destination for potential FCA customers.