Swarovski wanted to introduce CRYSTALLIZED™ – Swarovski Elements as an ingredient brand to the fashion industry. Swarovski also sought to establish and reinforce the fashion trade networks in China. Moreover, being Swarovski’s first time exhibiting at The China International Clothing & Accessories Fair (CHIC), they wanted a strong presence that would create a lasting impression.

Competitors have big spaces and huge budgets, which are trademarks of this exhibition. In relation, Swarovski had a smaller exhibit space and budget but still needed to shine with attendees. So, Swarovski selected a prime location for their exhibit, situated right near the entrance. Using glass and mirrors created the illusion of more space and allowed visitors to see through the shop. Plus, paired with the lighting arrangements, the glass material emphasized the sparkle of the crystals.

Sections of the exhibit space were divided by mannequins and crystal consoles, which showcased the products, while still providing a private area for discussions with trade buyers.

White lighting was strategically placed throughout the space to call special attention to specific displays, guide visitors through the environment, and illuminate the crystal detailing on each item. And white lounge furniture positioned amongst the space provided guests with a place to relax, enjoy the scenery or conduct business. Multi-media displays were positioned on walls throughout the environment, displaying images and information about the products.

The booth received more than 3000 visitors with almost 100 industry buyers who signed contracts with them.

Overall, the booth produced successful quantitative and qualitative results for the client and its customers who were all inspired and moved to action.