• Off-road VR experience in a real Jeep
  • Hydraulic action + VR + gamification = massive dwell time
  • 4 passenger capacity increased throughput


The Challenge

The best way to experience Jeep’s Trail Rated capabilities is in a real Jeep, on a real trail. The Camp Jeep program has allowed consumers to do this at auto shows for the past 15 years, and it’s become one of the most celebrated experiential marketing programs in history.  At CES, however, we needed to create an off-road experience in a limited space. So once again, we got creative. 

The Solution 

The Jeep Simulator is an interactive, multi-sensory user experience which takes place in a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. It allows consumers to experience “Jeep Trail Rated” and debuted at CES 2020. Designed and engineered from an original concept to demonstrate the unique, off-road Jeep capabilities, this sophisticated mechanism utilizes a four-post hydraulic/actuator system to provide an incredibly authentic Jeep Experience.

Fabricated by Metal Crafters with materials used at theme parks for longevity, multi-function, and safety purposes, the system combines user interactivity with 4K virtual reality image reproduction offering real life, off-road environments that surpass typical virtual reality applications. The virtual reality content was filmed on location by sister agency Spinifex Group on the Hell’s Revenge Trail in world-famous Moab Utah, using custom drones and cutting-edge 360 cameras. Customized motion sensors were used to track actual vehicle movement on the trails to feed data to the hydraulic actuators for exact vehicle motion reproduction.

Teams up to four passengers, including a driver, competed for the top of the leader board by demonstrating their off-roading skills, while monitors in the area kept others entertained displaying the progress on the harrowing trail that the driver was experiencing. 


While this visceral experience was highly entertaining and educational, even seasoned off-roaders were blown away by the performance of the Jeep Wrangler. The activation was a constant draw at CES, extending dwell time and exceeding activation goals. Built for re-use, we’re now exploring the next iteration, embracing the latest virtual tech as we continue the adventure with Jeep.