2021 —


• 99 speakers and experts from 9 countries
• 3 live studio shows
• 28 videos on demand
• 2 live hosts
• 11 broadcast sessions

In 2020, GPJ had the opportunity to partner with a new client,, to bring their Click.21 experience to life. This was exciting for us, because we got to expand further into the travel industry, and equally exciting for, as GPJ would be their first global agency partner. 
Click.21 was going to be very different than anything had done before; it was fully digital, which meant we had to reinvent everything from strategy and creative, all the way through to execution, how this experience was going to unfold.

We knew that to be successful, it was going to be important to show our partners at the power of the Project network, and so we partnered with Motive to create high production, key quality content, partnered with G7 Entertainment Marketing to ensure that we had a diverse pool of talent and speakers, and then with Wondersauce and our proprietary technology solution Ospre to ensure that we delivered in a digital space that created an experience like no other.

Engaging attendees digitally is a different task compared to live experiences. Keeping the attendee experience at the forefront, we know the value of maintaining a cinematic level of production quality. We also knew that we had to create a design system for the brand that lived and breathed authentically online with what they do, but also had its own unique identity. And we knew that we had to bring 99 experts and speakers from all over the world together to engage in a hybrid format.

By taking Click.21 fully digital, we expanded audiences and provided rich content, enabling partners to emerge strong from the current climate. With strategic experience mapping for our VIP audiences we were able to directly engage to further relationships and provide personalized content and access to experts.

A truly One GPJ, global team composed of GPJ North America, GPJ Germany and GPJ UK worked seamlessly together to deliver this flagship experience.
Click.21 showed the power of agency partnership, together with broadcast capability as a foundation, enabling a bright future for hybrid events in the years to come.