Bud Light

Over half a million fans will pass through the gates of the newly constructed Levi’s Stadium during the 2015-16 NFL season. Being one of only two publicly accessible patios, the Bud Light Patio at Levi’s Stadium has the opportunity to capture the attention of each of those 49ers fans.

But those won’t be the only visitors to the stadium this year. With Super Bowl 50 being hosted at Levi’s Stadium, a must-visit destination within the stadium can penetrate 49ers fans, as well as the broader NFL base.

With the Clio award-winning Pepsi Fan Deck under our belts, GPJ enthusiastically accepted the challenge to create a subtly branded and undeniably cool space, that kept in mind both Bud Light’s core demographic, millennials, and the brand’s current marketing objectives.

Our transformation was grounded in four principles: a new Bud Light Patio that was modern, urban, localized and connected.

Local graffiti artist Rye Quartz set the tone for the space with one-of-a-kind designs, including a sprawling map of Bay Area regions. We paired this art with reclaimed wood designs and vibrant blues that Bud Light is best known for.

And it’s not just about looks; fans are drawn to the Patio for its fun and vibrant atmosphere. The Party Pit offers exclusive game experiences with private seating and unparalleled views, and the DJ Stage hosts a local DJ each game who performs and is linked into game-day programming with the 49ers.

What’s more, the Bud Light Patio is built for social sharing. A digital wall collage of 10 screens displays social media feeds and branded Bud Light videos, inviting fans to join the conversation on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with hashtags like #BudLight and #BudLightPatio. The “Get in the Game” photo opportunity gives fans their own chance to emerge straight from the Niner’s tunnel.

The entire experience was designed with the ultimate 49ers fan experience in mind, to engage and elevate excitement, to provide comfortable and beautiful spaces to connect with other fans, and to create unforgettable and shareable game-day moments with the 49ers and Bud Light.